We offer digital HID lighting kits for all vehicle makes and models, whether you have OEM headlights or aftermarket lights we have a kit for you. Providing up to three times more light than ordinary headlights and using around 30% less power, HID bulbs represent an important technological step forward in mechanics, and a safer and cheaper long term solution than traditional headlights.

Why choose a HID Conversion kit?
Safety: Improve your safety by replacing dull halogen light bulbs with a Digital HID kit, creating up to 3X more light on the road. See further and prevent accidents.
Performance: Our headlight conversion kits are designed to outlast any halogen light bulb on the market, so you can replace light bulbs less often.
Exotic Appearance: Your vehicle will be more noticeable to other drivers.
Superior performance and quality.
All HID/Xenon kits come with a 1 year Guarantee.
Canbus Xenon kits come with 2 year Guarantee.

What are HID lights?
HID are new technologies of automotive lighting which create light by igniting a gas tube, much brighter than the metal filament in halogen bulbs. Inside a HID bulb you will find Xenon gas that requires very high voltage to ignite. The voltage is applied from the ballast at over 20,000 volts.
We stock all different types of HID Kits i.e H1, H4, H6, H7 in the following range:
(Ac Digital Ballasts, Canbus Ballasts, Warning Cancellers.)
- 5000K (Ice White).
- 6000K.
- 8000k.
- 10000k.
- 12000k (Purple).