Our clear light protection film is ideal for those who want discreet headlamp or fog light protection. Perfect for classic race car owners and track day drivers.

Gun smoked headlight protection film is an alternative to our Subtle tint but with a darker coloured finish. Ideal for contrasting against lairy paintwork. 0.4mm thick. Light projection is slight blue/purple and bulb dependant.

Yellow tinted headlight protection film is often used to distinguish between different race classes using the same track. Initially developed for the prevention of cracked and stone chipped headlights, spot lights and fog lamps. Light projection is yellow.

Optic Blue tinted headlight protection film gives a distinctive look more often seen in one make championships and club racing, simply an alternative to our Yellow tint. 0.4mm thick. Light projection is clear/white/bulb dependant.

Red tinted light protection film is a great way to modernise those standard rear lights on your race car, rally car, road car. Giving you rear lights similar to that of a Porsche 968